The Terry Lewis Formula
1-to-1 Mentoring Program.

I help wedding professionals 2x, 3x and even 10x their income.

If you have a wedding business you are passionate about and deliver really well, but you're frustrated by low paying brides and too few bookings, The Terry Lewis Formula can help.

The reality is
Many wedding suppliers get stuck in the low pay, low bookings rut for years, some for decades, because being a great wedding supplier does not mean you will have a business that generates the income you need to sustain you. The other side of the coin requires you to articulate value and convey worth in a way that resonates with your ideal bride and my main passion is helping you do this, because its the fastest way to a full calendar at the price you want.

If you know the marketing magic is "missing" in your business, plug into The Terry Lewis Formula, the 1-To-1 Mentoring Program, built from the ground up and designed to oversubscribe your wedding business at high fees.

Here's what you'll get out of
The Terry Lewis Formula.

You’ll stop the guess work on what marketing and sales strategies may or may not work.

Together we’ll get really clear on what you want to achieve with your wedding business.

Then calculate a predictable and dependable route to get you there.

I’ll be your pacemaker, running you through all 12 modules in bite sized chunks.

You won’t be alone. I’ll be there to mentor, coach and cheer you to the finish line using proven strategies to get you there.

The Terry Lewis Formula is not a quick fix or Silver Bullet, it will challenge you, but if you are prepared to work, The Formula will work for you.

Exclusive 1-to-1 access to me, 6x award winner Terry Lewis and my personal commitment to helping you succeed.

Tailored 90 minute Skype calls every 2 weeks for maximum momentum and faster achievements.

Growth assignments to complete in-between calls.

Training materials.

Essential skills to convert your ideal bride.

  1. Validated demand for your wedding business and know exactly what the perfect wedding company in your industry looks like.

  2. Stop allowing allow yourself to be underpaid.

  3. Create huge demand for your wedding business.

  4. Get booked at the price you want.

  5. Avoid price shoppers.

  6. Fix your website with the 5 essential influencers that lead to bookings.

  7. Raise prices and still be in demand.

  8. Make achievement inevitable.

  9. Create an email follow-up campaign that brides respond to.

  10. Build a marketing pyramid that attracts repeat business on auto-pilot. Because marketing and sales are the lifeblood of your wedding business.

  11. Ring-fence your business so you won't be affected by competitors undercutting you.

  12. Fuse the 7 influencers into a meeting strategy that converts.

"Hi Terry,

I’m £4k up on last year's January orders and I had the BEST month EVER!  Yaay!…

I have doubled my assistant's hours and got an extra person working from home for me…

I’ve had such better clients with bigger weddings… "

Louise O'Neill

Start Today & Get


  • Exclusive 1-to-1 access to me Terry Lewis, every 2 weeks via Skype for maximum momentum and faster achievements booking higher spending brides.

  • Growth assignments to complete in-between calls to keep you moving forward.
  • You’ll have access to my email templates.
  • No long contract, cancel anytime with 30 days notice.
  • Price just £500 /mo

Need help or have questions?
Get in touch and I'll help you decide if this Formula is for you.
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If all The Terry Lewis Formula
did was...

1. Attract high paying brides to you weekly.
2. Get as much work as you wanted.
3. Double your fees



"A massive thanks to Terry Lewis and his mentoring programme

I had been stuck charging around £200 for over 15 years when I bumped into a friend at a networking event.

He recommended Terry's 1-1 Mentoring Programme and after 6 months, I converted my first five out of five enquiries into bookings for weddings with an average fee of £1,475!

I definitely had to up my game and stretch myself, but I now know it’s possible. Thanks again Terry for all your insights and encouragement. It has been so worth it. "

Chris Anthony

"Hi Terry, Thank you for what you have done for me since signing up for your 1-to-1 mentoring program!

I am amazed at how quickly the level and quality of my bookings has improved since taking your advice.  I have followed all of your strategies and got great results!

This has saved me so much time and money in avoiding marketing mishaps.  I've also noticed that even though my prices have increased hugely, I am actually getting more bookings and my self confidence has increased massively.   There's no stopping me now, thank you!"

Zoe Alexandria

"Just a few short years ago I would not have believed where I would get to with my wedding business.

Terry’s help, advice and guidance has been invaluable to me and has helped me focus on where to find my clients and how to ensure they book with me too.

Thank You Terry"

Neil Johnson