If you had met me in the summer of 2010, you would have found me exhausted, working as many under-paid weddings as I could; I had to because I’d not yet learnt how to articulate the value in my wedding services. I needed every penny I could get to support my two girls and two boys.

Tired, I remember sitting in my home office next to the family room wondering:

“Why couldn’t I get booked by high-paying brides and grooms like the successful wedding suppliers?”

I knew until I could answer that question, nothing would change.

I can remember my son Brandon who was 16 at the time leaning against the office wall saying:

“Dad, why don’t you just offer your services to people who will pay more?”

I told him I would if I knew where they were.

“So why don’t you go and find them?” - Kids can be such smart-Alecs' right? Lol.

With nothing smarter to come back with I replied, it wasn’t as simple as that and left it alone.

Brandon went off, probably to antagonise his 11-year old brother Jordan. But his smart question kept rebounding in my head.

“So why don’t you go and find them?"... “So why don’t you go and find them?”

It took years of trial and error before I found the answer, but little did I know it would change my life (and the lives of other wedding professionals around the world).

The change-maker

I was eventually able to increase my prices eight-fold while being able to turn away more than fifty enquiries each year due to already being booked. I became a multi-wedding award winner, other people started sending me leads on autopilot while I did other things and a few clients even changed the date of their wedding around my availability.

When I think back, I wonder what made the change for me?

There were other wedding professionals more talented than I, with better industry connections, and much more handsome :).

So what was my catalyst for change?

Two things:

  1. I stopped chasing every bride that moved and focused on my avatar.
  2. I learnt how to position myself in a way that I was not seen as an expensive wedding supplier, rather as essential to the success of my clients wedding.

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All photos (excluding awards and profile shots) by John Nassari www.johnnassari.co.uk
Venue for bride shot: Ambassador Aegean Ambassador www.ambassadorhotelsantorini.com
Planner: Mitheo Events www.mitheoevents.com